Teri Hatcher – “I’m With The Band!”

She’s hardly the shy and retiring type.

And Teri Hatcher put her famous ‘just do it’ attitude to good use last night when she bounded on stage to join her Desperate Housewives co-star James Denton as he performed with his band at the 11th Annual Lupus LA Orange Ball.

The actress put her all into the performance, shimmying about in her low-cut, polka dot dress and playing up to her onscreen husband.

Helping out: Teri Hatcher joined her Desperate Housewives co-star James Denton and his group Band From TV onstage at the 11th Annual Lupus LA Orange Ball

Teri was a guest performer with the Band From TV at the event, held at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel.

Denton is a member of the famous group, whose members include Greg Gunberg (Alias and Felicity), Scott Grimes (E.R.), The Bachelor’s Bob Guiney, Teri and James’ former Desperate Housewives co-star Adrian Pasdar (who also appeared in Heroes) and Anthony Ruivivar (Third Watch).

Other members include House stars Hugh Laurie and Jesse Spencer.

Hubby of mine: Teri and James, who plays her husband on the show, larked around onstage at the ball, held at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel
Hubby of mine: Teri and James, who plays her husband on the show, larked around onstage at the ball, held at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel

The band belted out songs including Somewhere Over The Rainbow and Hard To Handle, according to revellers at the event posting on Twitter.

Teri appeared to be having a ball onstage as she danced and sang along in front of the crowd which included Paula Abdul, Sharon Stone and Terri Seymour.

If she had any nerves she didn’t show it – after all this is the woman who has competed against professionals in a gruelling triathlon for charity, paraded in lingerie on camera to play a sexy maid and once filmed herself from the moment she woke up to show fans what celebrities really look like without the make-up and special lighting.

Aren't you on TV? Teri posed with the band, comprised of Adrian Pasdar, Scott Grimes, Bob Guiney, James Denton, Anthony Ruivivar and Greg GrunbergAren’t you on TV? Teri posed with the band, comprised of Adrian Pasdar,  Scott Grimes, Bob Guiney, James Denton, Anthony Ruivivar and Greg Grunberg.
Source: Daily Mail

Band From TV Entertains as LupusLA Honors Paula Abdul


It is an unforgettable event: the annual Lupus L.A. charity dinner that raises awareness as well as critical dollars for lupus research. It is always entertaining, but this year had to be the best night yet, because the Band From TV had the 2011 Lupus L.A. Orange Ball rocking the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, and folks were urged to get up and dance wildly for a great cause at the end of the evening. A big treat was seeing Teri Hatcher join the members of the Band From TV, including her Desperate Housewives hubby James Denton, Scott Grimes, Greg Grunberg, Adrian Pasdar, Anthony Ruivivar (Third Watch) and The Bachelor’s Bob Guiney, for classic rock-and-roll tunes.

Paula Abdul didn’t dance but she did call it “an awesome event” and took the stage to receive the Loop Award for being a longtime friend of Lupus L.A. Abdul has helped bring awareness and funding to the organization, and so the honor was well deserved, according to Dr. Dan Wallace. He co-chaired the gala with Cindy and Glenn Frey, Nancy Utley and his wife Janice Wallace. For their devotion to the Lupus Research Institute, the inspiring couple, Debbi and Roger Cowan, was honored with the Founders Award, presented with pride by their daughter Amanda.

Always generous with his time and talent for worthy events, Fred Willard played host for the night. With his wonderful comedic flair, Willard started off by looking over the Orange Ball crowd and saying, “There are more doctors in this room than a Mercedes-Benz dealership.” That was true, but one stood out among the rest: Dr. Iris Low-Friedrich from UCB Inc., who accepted the Medical Visionary Award. She said at UCB they start every project with the question: “How will this make a difference in the lives of people living with severe diseases?” With that mandate, groundbreaking research is being done on effective treatments for lupus. Members of the medical community on hand cheered, as did Adam Selkowitz, executive council chairman of Lupus L.A., who spoke of progress being made for the cause.


Also attending the event was fun-loving Sharon Stone, who was there to support her sister Kelly, who has lupus. Another gorgeous blonde, Charlotte Ross (Glee), and talented actress Kellie Martin, singer Howie Dorough, Meredith Monroe, Shante Broadus and Extra correspondent Terri Seymour were there as well.

Phill Lewis was a great auctioneer, plus Jimmy and Donnie Demers performed, and the amazing work of wood sculpture artist Lee Silton was on display as the centerpiece of each table.

http://media.booeep.com/26151_image_631_preview_medium/1305868253The crowd in the ballroom went wild when Teri Hatcher bounced on stage and announced “I’m with the band.” The Band From TV is a powerhouse combo of well-known actors celebrating music, and living out their own rock-and-roll fantasy. “We have fun while bringing classic rock to life,” noted Scott Grimes, who added that Hatcher sings with them regularly. He was glad she joined them at the Lupus L.A. event because it’s Grimes’s choice charity. Grimes (from ER fame, now doing American Dad) explained that Band From TV was created to provide funding and resources for several charities around the world.

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To date, Band From TV has raised close to $3 million by appearing at special events over the past five years. And the actors, who are accomplished musicians, have released a Band From TV CD with a bonus DVD called “Hoggin’ All The Covers Unleashed!” to raise even more money for charity. James Denton, who plays guitar with the group, said, “Everybody wins, and we have so much fun playing at being rock stars.”

Source: Tolucan Times