Band From TV – “Today Magazine” Profile Article – 3/19/2012

Though consisting of gifted actors, Band from TV is far from a vanity band feeding the ego of its television celebrity members. We were impressed not only with the talents of the band members individually and collectively, but more importantly with how humble and caring they are. Band from TV isn’t about them at all. It’s about giving to charity.

What began simply as a love of music and simply jamming with friends has evolved into concerts before packed houses playing rock and roll for worthy charitable causes around the world.

On February 18-20, Band from TV played before sold out crowds at Fallsview Casino Resort’s 1500-seat Avalon Theatre. This represented the band’s third visit to Fallsview, a venue they consider one of the finest they’ve played. “Fallsview is great, with great people having as much fun as we do. I love to go to the Falls,” says Greg Grunberg, the band’s founder.

Between shows, Grunberg and fellow cast members took time to speak with us about the band, their love of music, and their passion for supporting charities.

Scott Grimes is perhaps known for playing Dr. Archie Morris on the NBC prime time show “ER”, a role he started in 2003 until the series’ end in 2009. But he’s also an accomplished musician. In fact, he started singing at a young age and as a child appeared on a Bob Hope TV Special in 1986 taped in Sweden with the King and Queen in attendance. Today, he sings and plays keyboards with other celebrities as a member of Band From TV.

Scott Grimes was already acquainted with the band when asked to join by founder Greg Grunberg and readily agreed. “I just love being a member of the band, and it’s an honour to be a part of it,” Scott says.
Every member of Band from TV plays for their own charity, raising approximately $3 million to date for various causes. For his part, Scott plays for Lupus LA, the West Coast division of S.L.E. Lupus Foundation. “After having dear friends be diagnosed with lupus, and another passing on due to the illness, raising money for lupus was something I wanted to do,” he says.

Scott finds pure joy in performing. Even today, 2 years and almost 30 shows after joining, you still could hear the excitement in Scott’s voice when talking about his participation in Band from TV. “Our rehearsal space is like no other. We went from a garage band to a great man cave. We’ve had so many wonderful people donate so much that it’s become a great place to rehearse,” he explains. “We have a lot of fun on stage, right down to dancing like little girls. It’s a great show and everyone should see it”.

We asked Scott if there was anything else he wanted to share: “Yes! I want to thank Greg Grunberg and Bob Guiney for allowing me to be a part of the band, which enables me to give back to charities. That’s the best part of it”.

Band from TV owes its existence to Greg Grunberg, an actor well known for his roles in television hits “Lost”, “Heroes”, “Alias” and “Felicity”. Though an accomplished actor, Greg has always had a desire to play music.

“I started playing drums in a garage band. Isn’t that where everyone starts, in someone’s garage?” Greg laughs.

When asked to play a gig at the House of Blues with a couple of celebrities. The performance generated an overwhelming interest. Inspired by this reaction, Greg decided to form a celebrity band that could also serve as a platform for another passion: raising money for charitable causes. “My oldest son has epilepsy and I saw a celebrity band as a wonderful vehicle to help raise money for the National Epilepsy Foundation,” explains Greg, a philanthropist by nature.

To that end, Greg enlisted other celebrities like Hugh Laurie from “House,” James Denton from “Desperate Housewives,” and Bob Guiney who appeared on “The Bachelor” and Band from TV was formed. Soon after, Adrian Pasdar (“Heroes”) and Scott Grimes joined as well. Rounding out the band is Chris Kelley, the music director, Barry Sarna from the Eagles, and Brad Savage, a former child star who plays bass.

Greg wants people to become aware of the website he founded,, which was designed to raise awareness and funds for people with epilepsy. Greg is the official spokesperson for and for the Epilepsy Foundation. “There is a lot of Myths out there about Epilepsy and with the help of other celebrities and doctors we hope to educate people”.

While talented actors, the band is about celebrating music and most importantly raising money through music to help those in need. It’s heartwarming to see celebrities, even with busy personal and professional lives, finding the time to come together and jam on behalf of charity.

Source: Today Magazine