Scott Grimes

Scott Grimes (Keyboards)

Scott Grimes is an actor, voice artist and musician. He appeared on the NBC prime time show “ER” playing Dr. Archie Morris, a role he started in 2003 and portrayed until the series’ end in 2009. He began as a recurring character, and was later upgraded to a series regular in Season 12, and became one of the male leads on the show. Some of his other prominent roles are his appearances in “Party of Five” as Will McCorkle, “Band of Brothers” as Technical Sergeant Donald Malarkey, and the popular animated sitcom “American Dad!” voicing Steve Smith. He is also known for his 1987 recurring role on “Who’s the Boss” as Alyssa Milano’s character’s love-interest, Chad McCann. His film credits include the dark comedy Who’s Your Monkey and Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood with Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett.

Scott started singing at an early age, and as a child appeared on a Bob Hope TV special in March 1986 singing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” The special was taped in Sweden with the King and Queen in attendance.